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Review article2019Peer reviewed

Corneal cross-linking (CXL)-A clinical study to evaluate CXL as a treatment in comparison with medical treatment for ulcerative keratitis in horses

Edman, Anna Hellander; Strom, Lena; Ekesten, Bjorn


Objective Compare CXL treatment with medical treatment alone in horses with stromal, ulcerative keratitis. Animals studied: 24 horses (24 eyes) with stromal, ulcerative keratitis were included. Procedure 12 horses were initially treated with CXL, and 12 horses were given conventional medical treatment. Topical medical treatment was added to horses in the CXL group if necessary. Parameters including cytology, microbial growth, time to fluorescein negativity, and time to inhibition of stromal melting were evaluated. Results After the first day of treatments, a decrease in inflammatory signs and pain from the eye was observed in both groups. Stromal melting ceased within 24 hours regardless of treatment. CXL treatment alone was sufficient in 3 horses with noninfectious, superficial stromal ulcerations. Clinical signs of impaired wound healing were seen after 3-14 days in corneas with suspected or proven bacterial infection treated with CXL only, most likely because of insufficient elimination of bacteria deeper in the corneal stroma or because of re-infection from bacteria in the conjunctiva. The average decrease in stromal ulcer area per day after onset of treatment was almost identical between the groups, and no significant difference in time to fluorescein negativity was found. Conclusions We consider CXL a possible useful adjunct treatment of corneal stromal ulcers in horses, especially for melting ulcers and as a potential alternative to prophylactic antibiotic treatment for noninfected stromal ulcers. However, CXL should not be used alone for infected or suspected infected stromal ulcers, because topical antibiotics were required in all horses with proven infectious keratitis.


Corneal ulceration; Cross-linking; Equine; PACK-CXL; Riboflavin; UVA

Published in

Veterinary Ophthalmology
2019, Volume: 22, number: 4, pages: 552-562