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Harmonised projections of future forest resources in Europe

Vauhkonen, Jari; Berger, Ambros; Gschwantner, Thomas; Schadauer, Klemens; Lejeune, Philippe; Perin, Jerome; Pitchugin, Mikhail; Adolt, Radim; Zeman, Miroslav; Johannsen, Vivian Kvist; Kepfer-Rojas, Sebastian; Sims, Allan; Bastick, Claire; Morneau, Francois; Colin, Antoine; Bender, Susann; Kovacsevics, Pal; Solti, Gyorgy; Kolozs, Laszlo; Nagy, Dora;
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center dot Key message A dataset of forest resource projections in 23 European countries to 2040 has been prepared for forest-related policy analysis and decision-making. Due to applying harmonised definitions, while maintaining country-specific forestry practices, the projections should be usable from national to international levels. The dataset can be accessed at 10.5061/dryad.4t880qh. The associated metadata are available at


National Forest Inventory; Simulation; Modelling; Biomass; Carbon; Wood supply

Published in

Annals of Forest Science
2019, Volume: 76, number: 3, article number: 79