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Auxin Metabolism Controls Developmental Decisions in Land Plants

Casanova-Saez, Ruben; Voss, Ute


Unlike animals, whose body plans are set during embryo development, plants maintain the ability to initiate new organs throughout their life cycle. Auxin is a key regulator of almost all aspects of plant development, including morphogenesis and adaptive responses. Cellular auxin concentrations influence whether a cell will divide, grow, or differentiate, thereby contributing to organ formation, growth, and ultimately plant shape. Auxin gradients are established and maintained by a tightly regulated interplay between metabolism, signalling, and transport. Auxin is synthesised, stored, and inactivated by a multitude of parallel pathways that are all tightly regulated. Here we summarise the remarkable progress that has been achieved in identifying some key components of these pathways and the genetic complexity underlying their precise regulation.

Published in

Trends in Plant Science
2019, Volume: 24, number: 8, pages: 741-754