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Conference poster, 2019

Continuous pilot-scale steam explosion of softwood bark residues

Averheim, Andreas; Thyrel, Mikael; Melander, Olof; Larsson, Sylvia


Introduction Softwood bark: Softwood bark is traditionally combusted for energy. However, improved energy efficiency and recent increases in pulp mill capacities in the Nordic countries highlight softwood bark as a low-cost resource for conversion into higher value, renewable end-products. Carbocation scavangers: Wayman and Lora (1978) discovered that some aromatic compounds, especially 2-Naphthol, prevented the self-condensation of lignin under acidic conditions. Later, Pielhop et al (2015) showed that carbocation scavenger addition to pretreatment could benefit the enzymatic digestibility of pretreated substrates. Research objective: In commercially scalable pretreatment equipment and at industrially relevant steam explosion settings, systematically explore the effects of treatment temperature and 2-Naphtol addition on the carbohydrate composition of softwood bark.


softwood bark

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EUBCE 2019 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition. May 27-30, Lisbon, Portugal.