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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2019

Split N and P addition decreases straw mineralization and the priming effect of a paddy soil: a 100-day incubation experiment

Wang, Dongdong; Zhu, Zhenke; Shahbaz, Muhammad; Chen, Liang; Liu, Shoulong; Inubushi, Kazuyuki; Wu, Jinshui; Ge, Tida


The effect of mineral fertilization and its application pattern on microbial activity and the subsequent CO2 and CH4 emissions arising from soil organic matter (SOM) or added substrate remains unclear. We quantified the decomposition of C-13-labeled straw and the priming effect (PE) governed by the N and P fertilizer application pattern during a 100-day experiment in a flooded soil. Straw addition increased the total CO2 and CH4 emissions. Straw mineralization increased by 30% and decreased by 19% after full and split NP application, respectively, compared with only straw addition. However, application of NP fertilization (full or split) inhibited straw-derived CH4 emissions compared with only straw addition. SOM decomposition was increased by straw addition, yielding a positive PE for CO2 emission. The application of split NP fertilization along with straw addition improved microbial activity, yielding the highest positive PE for CO2 emission. In contrast, compared with the control (no addition), split NP application decreased the positive PE for CH4 emission. Therefore, the straw-C-derived total CO2 equivalent emission was decreased by split NP application. These results were mainly attributable to the increased Olsen P, microbial biomass, enzyme activity, and straw-derived C microbial use efficiency of split NP application, which negatively affected the PE for CH4 emission; this was supported by the results of standardized total effects determined from structural equation models. Overall, compared with full application, split NP fertilizer application significantly decreased the straw-C mineralization rate and PE for CH4 emission, thereby mitigating greenhouse gas emission and SOM storage in paddy soil.


Straw return; Mineral fertilizer application; SOM mineralization; Microbial C use efficiency; CO2 equivalent emission; Paddy soil ecosystem

Published in

Biology and Fertility of Soils
2019, Volume: 55, number: 7, pages: 701-712
Publisher: SPRINGER

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    Soil Science

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    Correction in: Biology and Fertility of Soils, 2019, Volume: 55, Issue 8, pp 835-835, DOI: 10.1007/s00374-019-01395-2

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