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Research article2006Peer reviewed

Effects of hyaluronan, BSA, and serum on bovine embryo in vitro development, ultrastructure, and gene expression patterns

Palasz AT, Rodriguez-Martinez H, Beltran-Brena P, Perez-Garnelo S, Martinez MF, Gutierrez-Adan A, De la Fuente J


Effects of hyaluronan (HA), BSA, and FCS on in vitro development, ultrastructure, and mRNA transcription of four developmentally important genes: apoptosis (Bax), oxidative stress (SOX), growth factor (IGF-II), and cell-to-cell adhesion (Ecad) were examined. Two biological origin HA, Hylartil and Hyonate and one produced by fermentation (f-HA) MAP-5 were tested. Embryos were cultured in SOF medium with 0.4% BSA or with 0.4% BSA and 10% FCS. HA was added 96 hr post insemination (pi) to half of the embryos from each culture group. Embryo development was not affected by either HA preparation, however, hatching rates were higher in Hyalartil and MAP-5 than in control and Hyonate (P < 0.05). There was no effect of HA on number of blastocysts developed in SOF + BSA. However, more blastocysts developed in SOF + BSA + f-HA than in SOF + BSA + FCS or with BSA + FCS + f-HA. HA added to SOF + BSA, increased level of expression of epidermal growth factor (EGF)-II and decreased the levels of expression of BAX, SOX, and Ecad (P < 0.05). Presence of FCS increased the levels of SOX and decreased the level of IGF-II (P < 0.05) and the addition of f-HA to SOF containing FCS showed no effect on the level of transcription of any analyzed genes. The fine structure of embryos cultured with f-HA irrespective of protein sources used was clearly improved. In summary, f-HA added 96 hr pi to SOF supplemented with BSA but not FCS improved development, molecular composition and fine structure of bovine embryos

Published in

Molecular Reproduction and Development
2006, Volume: 73, number: 12, pages: 1503-1511
Publisher: WILEY-LISS

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    Veterinary Science
    Animal and Dairy Science

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