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A DAO1-Mediated Circuit Controls Auxin and Jasmonate Crosstalk Robustness during Adventitious Root Initiation in Arabidopsis

Lakehal, Abdellah; Dob, Asma; Novak, Ondrej; Bellini, Catherine


Adventitious rooting is a post-embryonic developmental program governed by a multitude of endogenous and environmental cues. Auxin, along with other phytohormones, integrates and translates these cues into precise molecular signatures to provide a coherent developmental output. Auxin signaling guides every step of adventitious root (AR) development from the early event of cell reprogramming and identity transitions until emergence. We have previously shown that auxin signaling controls the early events of AR initiation (ARI) by modulating the homeostasis of the negative regulator jasmonate (JA). Although considerable knowledge has been acquired about the role of auxin and JA in ARI, the genetic components acting downstream of JA signaling and the mechanistic basis controlling the interaction between these two hormones are not well understood. Here we provide evidence that COI1-dependent JA signaling controls the expression of DAO1 and its closely related paralog DAO2. In addition, we show that the dao1-1 loss of function mutant produces more ARs than the wild type, probably due to its deficiency in accumulating JA and its bioactive metabolite JA-Ile. Together, our data indicate that DAO1 controls a sensitive feedback circuit that stabilizes the auxin and JA crosstalk during ARI.


organogenesis; adventitious roots; jasmonates; auxin; auxin oxidation

Published in

International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2019, Volume: 20, number: 18, article number: 4428
Publisher: MDPI

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