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Research article2019Peer reviewedOpen access

Evaluation of broiler chickens' digestibility of Neurospora intermedia biomass

Rezaei, Mehdi; Wall, Helena; Tarshan, Muhammad; Ivarsson, Emma


A total of 70 broiler chickens were used to evaluate the apparent ileal digestibility coefficient (AIDC) of protein and amino acids, and apparent digestibility coefficient (ADC) of energy in the protein rich Fungal Biomass of Neurospora intermedia (FBN) obtained from bioethanol production. The chickens were housed in 10 pens with seven chickens per pen and fed one of two experimental diets between day 28 and 35 of age. The experimental diets were wheat-soybean meal-based control diet and a diet composed of 70% control diet and 30% of FBN. There were no difference (P > 0.05) between the control and FBN diet on chick feed intake and body weight at day 35. However, the AIDCs of crude protein and amino acids were significantly (P < 0.01) higher in control diet than in the FBN diet except for proline and phenylalanine. The AIDC of CP (0.74), cysteine (0.68), methionine (0.70), AME (15.6), and threonine (0.69) in FBN were comparable to the corresponding values in other protein-rich feedstuffs such as soybean meal and fish meal. The results from this study show that FBN may be an alternative protein source for poultry.


broiler; digestibility; fungal biomass; protein

Published in

Poultry Science
2019, Volume: 98, number: 10, pages: 5017-5022