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Research article2019Peer reviewed

Quad Bike Riders’ Attitudes toward and Use of Safety Technologies

Edlund, B.; Andersson, E.; Nordfjell, T.; Lindroos, O.


Worldwide, the number of quad bike-related injuries and fatalities has increased over the last 30 years and, although quad bike safety has become increasingly important over the last decade, greater understanding of the risks associated with these vehicles is required. This study aimed to improve understanding of the interrelationships between risk perception, risk management, and the use of safety technologies in quad bike operation. A total of 70 quad bike riders were interviewed in two sets of interviews: one targeting riders visiting two forestry fairs, and the other targeting riders with quad bikes equipped with ROPS. The interviews showed that the quad bike riders had a tendency for externalization of risk. This result possibly derives from the articulation and allocation of blame; the majority of respondents saw the problem of quad bike safety as a result of faulty rider behavior, thus shifting focus away from the technology as well as from themselves. This also applies to many of the interviewed ROPS owners, as one of their prime motivators in acquiring ROPS was to improve the safety of others rather than their own safety.


All-terrain vehicle; ATV; CPD; Crush protective device; Injury prevention; Rollover protective structure; ROPS

Published in

Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health
2019, Volume: 25, number: 4, pages: 169-187