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Stainless steel wire in a figure-of-eight for repair of distal femoral physeal fractures in ten cats: a case report

Spangberg, Camilla; Spangberg, Inga-Britt; Bergstrom, Annika


Ten cats were treated for distal femoral Salter-Harris fractures types I and II using a stainless steel wire in a figure-of-eight configuration. Healing was uneventful in 8 of the cats. Early fixation failure occurred in one cat, which required revisional surgery. In one cat, lameness recurred after fracture healing, which was related to breakage of the wire. The lameness was resolved after removing the wire. At the long-term follow-up, 1 out of 6 cats was lame. This report indicates that the figure-of-eight stainless steel wire technique is an alternative method for the repair of distal femoral Salter-Harris fractures types I and II in cats.


Salter-Harris fractures; cats; femur; bone wires

Published in

Journal of Veterinary Science
2019, Volume: 20, number: 6, article number: e71Publisher: KOREAN SOC VETERINARY SCIENCE

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