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Conference paper2019Peer reviewed

Changes induced by pathogens and metabolic stress on endometrial function in cattle: possible impacts of increased inflammation on fertility

Guo, Yongzhi; Chankeaw, Wiruntita; Chanrot, Metasu; Valarcher, Jean-Francois; Båge, Renee; Chantarapratep, P.; Bongcam-Rudloff, Erik; Andersson, Göran; Charpigny, Gilles; Humblot, Patrice


Harmonized embryo maternal relationships, are necessary at the beginning of pregnancy to insure the development of the young embryo and of the placenta. Specific mechanisms modulate the immune balance towards immune-tolerance for the embryo to be accepted by the endometrium. By the same time this tissue is submitted to intense remodelling, under complex signalling, allowing implantation. Some pathogens and metabolic stress, especially excessive mobilisation of fat tissue, disturb this delicate balance. This review describes how these stressors can alter endometrial function through pro-inflammatory mechanisms and by inducing changes of specific signals possibly altering the establishment of contacts and functional interactions between the embryo and the endometrium around time of implantation.

Published in

Revista Brasileira de Reprodução Animal
2019, Volume: 43, number: 2, pages: 295-307


XXIII Congresso Brasileiro de Reprodução Animal (CBRA-2019), 2019-05-15--2019-05-19, Gramado, Brazil