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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2006

Do different portions of the boar ejaculate vary in their ability to sustain cryopreservation?

Pena FJ, Saravia F, Nunez-Martinez I, Johannisson A, Wallgren M, Rodriguez-Martinez Heriberto


Previous studies have shown sperm quality post-cryopreservation differs depending on the fraction of the seminal plasma boar spermatozoa are fortuitously contained in. As such, spermatozoa contained in the first 10 mL of the sperm-rich fraction (portion I) have better sustained handling procedures (extension, handling and freezing/thawing) than those contained in the ulterior part of a fractionated ejaculate (second portion of the sperm-rich fraction and the post-spermatic fraction, portion II). However, those studies were performed using pooled samples. In the present study, individual ejaculates were used. Split ejaculates (portions I and II) from five boars were frozen and thawed using a conventional freezing protocol, followed by computer-assisted motility and morphology analysis (CASA and ASMA, respectively), as well as an Annexin-V assay for spermatozoa from each boar and ejaculate portion. Significant differences between portions were observed in all ASMA-derived variables, except in one boar. Also significant differences were observed between boars and ejaculate portions in sperm quality post-thaw. We identified, however, boars showing best results of motility and sperm membrane integrity post-thaw in portion I, while in other boar the best results was observed in portion II. It is concluded that the identification of the ejaculate portion more suitable to sustain cryopreservation in each individual boar may be a readily applicable and easy technique to diminish variation in sperm freezability among boars. (c) 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved

Published in

Animal Reproduction Science
2006, Volume: 93, number: 1-2, pages: 101-113

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