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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2006

The risk of poor welfare in intensive calf farming systems: an update of the Scientific Veterinary Committee Report on the Welfare of Calves

Algers, Bo; Blokhuis, Harry; Broom, D; Capua, I; Cinotti, S; Gunn, M; Hartung, J; Have, P; Vilanova, J; Morton, D; Pépin, M; Pfeiffer, D; Roberts, R; Sánchez, Vizcaino J; Schudel, A; Sharp, J; Thedoropoulos, G; Vannier, P; Verga, M; Wierup, Martin;
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Published in

EFSA Journal
2006, number: 366, pages: 1-36
Publisher: EFSA