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Sensitivity of Polyvoltine Thai Strains of Bombyx mori to a BmNPV Isolate From Mahasarakham

Suraporn, Siripuk; Terenius, Olle


Virus infection by the Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus (BmNPV) is the most severe disease in Thai sericultural practice of polyvoltine silkworms. Here, we characterized a newly isolated BmNPV isolated from the Mahasarakham province in Thailand (BmNPV-MSU). The purity and morphology of BmNPV-MSU were examined using light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The polyhedral inclusion bodies (PIBs) of BmNPV-MSU appeared in tetragonal, hexagonal, octagonal, and globular forms. The virions were both single and multiple embedded as observed by transmission electron microscopy. We also determined the virulence of BmNPV-MSU for six different Thai polyvoltine strains by LC50 and time to death after infection. The LC50 values of Nang Lai, NK04, and Sam Rong strains were 5.05-1.52 x 10(7) PIBs per ml and mortality peaked 7- to 8-d after inoculation. For Nang Noi, SP2, and RE05 strains the LC50 values were 7.91-1.82 x 10(6) PIBs/ml and mortality peaked 4-5 d after inoculation, thus having lower chance of survival to infection by BmNPV-MSU.


polyvoltine; Bombyx mori; nucleopolyhedrovirus; BmNPV-MSU; virulence

Published in

Journal Of Insect Science (Online)
2020, Volume: 20, number: 2, article number: ieaa023

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