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Research article2020Peer reviewed

Malaria mosquito chemical ecology

Ignell, Rickard; Hill, Sharon


The field of mosquito chemical ecology has shifted focus over the past five years, driven by the recognition that odour-mediated behaviours are regulated by distinct chemical codes, that is, odour blends emanating from the natural environment. As a research community, we have shifted from our anthropocentric focus to include other behaviours, including plant seeking and oviposition site seeking, in order to develop new tools to combat residual malaria in the wake of the increased insecticide and behavioural resistance in mosquitoes across sub-Saharan Africa. In this short review, we will outline the progress made, and the future directions, in understanding blend recognition and chemical parsimony, and their implications for preadaptation of the odour coding system in malaria mosquitoes.

Published in

Current Opinion in Insect Science
2020, Volume: 40, pages: 6-10