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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2020

SYNERGISTIC ON AUXIN AND CYTOKININ 1 positively regulates growth and attenuates soil pathogen resistance

Hurny, Andrej; Cuesta, Candela; Cavallari, Nicola; Otvos, Krisztina; Duclercq, Jerome; Dokladal, Ladislav; Montesinos, Juan Carlos; Gallemi, Marcal; Semeradova, Hana; Rauter, Thomas; Stenzel, Irene; Persiau, Geert; Benade, Freia; Bhalearo, Rishikesh; Sykorova, Eva; Gorzsas, Andras; Sechet, Julien; Mouille, Gregory; Heilmann, Ingo; De Jaeger, Geert;
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Plants as non-mobile organisms constantly integrate varying environmental signals to flexibly adapt their growth and development. Local fluctuations in water and nutrient availability, sudden changes in temperature or other abiotic and biotic stresses can trigger changes in the growth of plant organs. Multiple mutually interconnected hormonal signaling cascades act as essential endogenous translators of these exogenous signals in the adaptive responses of plants. Although the molecular backbones of hormone transduction pathways have been identified, the mechanisms underlying their interactions are largely unknown. Here, using genome wide transcriptome profiling we identify an auxin and cytokinin cross-talk component; SYNERGISTIC ON AUXIN AND CYTOKININ 1 (SYAC1), whose expression in roots is strictly dependent on both of these hormonal pathways. We show that SYAC1 is a regulator of secretory pathway, whose enhanced activity interferes with deposition of cell wall components and can fine-tune organ growth and sensitivity to soil pathogens. Cytokinin and auxin are two major hormonal regulators of plant growth. Here the authors identify SYAC1, a gene that is synergistically activated by the two hormones being applied together, and show that it is required for normal growth while negatively impacting pathogen resistance.

Published in

Nature Communications
2020, volume: 11, number: 1

Authors' information

Hurny, Andrej
IST Austria
Cuesta, Candela
Univ Oviedo
Cavallari, Nicola
IST Austria
Otvos, Krisztina
AIT Austrian Inst Technol
Duclercq, Jerome
Univ Picardie Jules Verne
Dokladal, Ladislav
Masaryk Univ
Montesinos, Juan Carlos
IST Austria
Gallemi, Marcal
IST Austria
Semeradova, Hana
IST Austria
Rauter, Thomas
Med Univ Graz
Stenzel, Irene
Martin Luther Univ Halle Wittenberg
Persiau, Geert
Univ Ghent
Benade, Freia
Tech Univ Dresden
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology
Sykorova, Eva
Czech Acad Sci
Gorzsas, Andras
Umea Univ
Sechet, Julien
Univ Paris Saclay
Mouille, Gregory
Univ Paris Saclay
Heilmann, Ingo
Martin Luther Univ Halle Wittenberg
De Jaeger, Geert
Univ Ghent
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