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Research article2014Peer reviewed

Seedling root rot of rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush) and its chemical management

Haq, Imran U.; Sarwar, Muhammad K.; Khan, Sajid A.; Javed, Nazir; Khan, Nasir A.; Iqbal, Mudassir; Umar, Umad D.


Rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri Lush) is an important rootstock for citrus cultivation not only in Pakistan but all over the citrus producing areas around the globe. Seedling root rot disease of rough lemon cause devastating effect on the rough lemon nursery and lead towards negative impact on citrus production. In the present study, disease incidence data was recorded, fungal pathogen was isolated, purified and identified the "Fusarium solani". After phytopathogenicity test five fungicides were evaluated against pathogen under in-vitro conditions. Three fungicides thiophanate-methyl (Topsin MTM), Ridomil goldTM and ScoreTM performed better. Topsin M was best in controlling mycelial growth at all concentrations. Afterwards, these three fungicides were evaluated in field conditions at their recommended doses All three fungicides significantly controlled the disease but Topsin M performed best in reducing the percentage infection under field conditions. It was concluded that Topsin M performed better under in-vitro and in-vivo both conditions and significantly reduced the percentage infection of seedling root rot disease in rough lemon nursery followed by Score and Ridomil gold. This study will be helpful to control the seedling root rot of rough lemon.

Published in

Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology
2014, Volume: 26, number: 2, pages: 233-240

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    Agricultural Science

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