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Occurrence and spread of a reassortant very virulent genotype of infectious bursal disease virus with altered VP2 amino acid profile and pathogenicity in some European countries

Mato, Tamas; Tatar-Kis, Timea; Felfoldi, Balazs; Jansson, Desiree S.; Homonnay, Zalan; Banyai, Krisztian; Palya, Vilmos


Reassortant strains of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) were detected in commercial broiler flocks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic and Germany and in layers and organic broilers in Sweden in the period of 2017 - 19. Genetic analysis, based on hypervariable region of VP2 gene showed grouping together with very virulent IBDV strains (vvIBDV, Genogroup 3), but these recent viruses formed a separate cluster, which was most closely related to Latvian IBDV strains from 2010 - 13. VP1 gene of these isolates was most closely related to D78 attenuated IBDV strain. The recently described reassortant IBDV strain (Bpop/03/PL) from Poland with similar genomic constellation (segment A from vvIBDV, segment B from attenuated strain) retained its pathogenicity (80 % mortality in SPF chickens). Infection with the North-West European reassortant IBDVs described in this study showed subclinical feature in the field (without complicating agents) and when tested under standardized pathogenicity test in SPF layer chickens (no mortality or clinical signs, but marked bursa atrophy was observed). Although these recent North-West European reassortant strains had all amino acid residues in their VP2 gene which are considered as markers of vvIBDV strains, they exhibited typical amino acid changes compared to vvIBDV reference strains that should contribute to the determination of pathogenicity. Diagnostic investigations indicated that co-infection with fowl adenovirus or chicken infectious anaemia virus exaggerated the outcome of the IBDV infection (10-20 % mortality). Widespread presence of this reassortant IBDV group in clinically healthy flocks draws attention to the importance of active surveillance.


Infectious bursal disease virus; Reassortant; Subclinical; European

Published in

Veterinary Microbiology
2020, Volume: 245, article number: 108663
Publisher: ELSEVIER

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    Clinical Science

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