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Evidence-based design strategies to produce health promoting landscapes

Pálsdóttir, Anna María; Rayner, John; Litsmark, Anna; Engel, Laura; Halldórsdóttir, Andrea; Røsegg, Nuri; Sahlin, Henny; Los, Diona; Törn, Nina; Holmgren, Ylva; Bergström, Johanna; Scott, John; Andersson, Erika; Härnqvist, Elin; Laming, Anna; Redmo, Lisa; Gabriel, Amanda; Thuresson, Frida; Jönsson, Henrik; Losell, Maria;
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Outdoor Environments for Health and Well-being is an international master’s program offered at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) at Alnarp¸ leading to a Master of Science degree with a specialization in Environmental Psychology. The course Nature-Based Interventions LK0306 focuses on how different types of natural outdoor settings can be used for interventions as part of treatment, rehabilitation and programs for the prevention and promotion of healthy everyday habits in different user groups. This factsheet is the final product of the students’ work within the course during the autumn term of 2019. This year, Associate Professor John Rayner, contributed to this factsheet with his thoughts on the findings from the different groups’ work.


health; treatment; rehabilitation; nature

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LTV-fakultetens faktablad
2020, number: 2020:7
Publisher: Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences