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Working group on the assessment of demersal stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak (WGNSSK)

Alvestad, Anja Helen; Batsleer, Jurgen; Baudron, Alan; Bell, Ewen D. ; Chen, Chun; Cole, Harriet; De Oliveira, José; Feekings, Jordan P.; Girardin, Raphaël; Halouani, Ghassen; Haslob, Holger; Kempf, Alexander; Kokkalis, Alexandros; Malta, Tiago; Mesquita, Carlos; Miethe, Tanja; Mosqueira, Iago ; Nawri, Nikolai ; Needle, Coby; Nielsen, Anders;
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The main terms of reference for the The ICES Working Group for the Assessment of Demersal Stocks in the North Sea and Skagerrak (WGNSSK) were: to update, quality check and report relevant data for the working group, to update and audit the assessment and forecasts of the stocks, to produce a first draft of the advice on the fish stocks and to prepare planning for benchmarks in future years. Ecosystem changes have been analytically considered in the assessments for cod, haddock and whiting in the form of varying natural mortalities estimated by the ICES Working Group on Multi Species Assessment Methods (WGSAM).

Published in

ICES scientific reports
2020, number: 2:61
Publisher: International Council for the Exploration of the Sea