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Conference abstract2006Peer reviewed

Relay cropping of winter wheat reduces weed biomass and risk of nitrogen leaching

Bergkvist, Göran; Magnuski, Ewa


Relay cropping is defined as the growing of two or more crops simultaneously during part of the life cycle of each crop. Establishing more than one crop simultaneously can be used to reduce the need for auxiliary energy in crop production. The aim of the present project is to evaluate the efficiency of a relay cropping system where winter wheat is relay cropped in oats, peas or field beans. We conclude that relay cropping reduces the weed biomass in the summer crop and the amount of soil mineral nitrogen before winter, but at the cost of a reduced yield of the summer crop

Published in

NJF Report
2006, Volume: 2/2006, number: 4, pages: 24 Title: Tillage systems for the benefit of agriculture and the environment

Publisher: Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists


NJF Seminar 378