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Letter, 2020

Letter to the Editor: Silage manuscripts in the Journal of Dairy Science

Adesogan, A. T.; Auerbach, H.; Bernardes, T. F.; Bolsen, K. K.; Borreani, G.; Cai, Y.; Coblentz, W. K.; Daniel, J. L. P.; Davies, D. R.; Driehuis, F.; Ferraretto, L. F.; Grant, R. J.; Huhtanen, P.; Jr., L. Kung; McAllister, T. A.; Muck, R. E.; Nadeau, E. M. G.; Nishino, N.; Nussio, L. G.; Rinne, M.;
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Published in

Journal of Dairy Science
2020, Volume: 103, number: 8, pages: 6737-6738

    SLU Authors

    • Huhtanen, Pekka

      • Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    • UKÄ Subject classification

      Animal and Dairy Science

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