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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2001

Identifying UV-cone responses in the murine superior colliculus

Ekesten, B; Gouras, P


A microelectrode was used to detect local visually evoked potentials from clusters of neurons in the murine superior colliculus. Chromatic stimuli and selective chromatic adaptation were used to identify responses of UV and middle-wavelength-sensitive (M) cones and/or rods. Three types of evoked potentials were found: those driven by UV and M cones and/or rods and those driven only by UV cone or only by M cones and/or rods. UV cone responses were more frequent in the medial and those from M cones more common in the lateral part of the superior colliculus. All three responses were found in the same area. UV cones provide a significant input to the murine superior colliculus. The spatial distribution of these responses in the superior colliculus reflects the organization of UV cones in the retina, Although synergistic inputs from UV- and M-cone and/or rod inputs appear to mix in local evoked responses in the Superior colliculus, some areas are found to transmit only UV- or only M-cone and/or rod responses, indicating that there cannot be a widespread mixing of UV- and M-cone opsins in all murine cones. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.


cones; electrophysiology; mouse; superior colliculus; ultra-violet

Published in

Vision Research
2001, Volume: 41, number: 22, pages: 2819-2825

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