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Research article2020Peer reviewed

Bacterial community dynamics across developmental stages of fungal fruiting bodies

Gohar, Daniyal; Pent, Mari; Põldmaa, Kadri; Bahram, Mohammad


Increasing evidence suggest that bacteria form diverse communities in various eukaryotic hosts, including fungi. However, little is known about their succession and the functional potential at different host development stages. Here we examined the effect of fruiting body parts and developmental stages on the structure and potential function of fungus-associated bacterial communities. Using high-throughput sequencing, we characterized bacterial communities and their associated potential functions in fruiting bodies from ten genera belonging to four major mushroom-forming orders and three different developmental stages of a model host species Cantharellus cibarius. Our results demonstrate that bacterial community structure differs between internal and external parts of the fruiting body but not between inner tissues. The structure of the bacterial communities showed significant variation across fruiting body developmental stages. We provide evidence that certain functional groups, such as those related to nitrogen fixation, persist in fruiting bodies during the maturation, but are replaced by putative parasites/pathogens afterwards. These data suggest that bacterial communities inhabiting fungal fruiting bodies may play important roles in their growth and development.


symbiosis; mycobiome; biotic interactions; endofungal bacteria; functional diversity

Published in

FEMS Microbiology Ecology
2020, Volume: 96, number: 10, article number: fiaa175

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