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Doctoral thesis2001Open access

The Swedish Work Environment Authority and its initiatives relating to the work environment in Swedish forestry

Synwoldt, Uwe


The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate whether the Swedish Work Environment Authority (SWEA), with its rules, resources and structure, has been able to influence work environment management in Swedish forestry. This end will be achieved by describing the historical development of forestry work and workers’ protection in forestry, the works of SWEA today and its initiatives in the forestry sector during the 1990s. The target achievement model is the principal method employed.
The forest industry’s handling of certain rules and initiatives from SWEA is described and evaluated. It was established that the Authority has had a positive impact on the work environment of the forestry sector as regards measures for the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, information on rules relating to the work environment, the design of forestry machinery and instruction manuals for the same.
Successful work environment management depends on: lucid rules conducive to safe and ergonomic design of forest machinery, alternative paths and co-operation procedures for disseminating knowledge of the work environment, targeted inspections relating to certain deficiencies of the work environment, and better systems for reporting occupational injuries.


Work Environment Authority; workers’ protection; occupational injury; instruction manual; market surveillance

Published in

Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae. Silvestria
2001, number: 186ISBN: 91-576-6070-0Publisher: Department of Forest Management and Products, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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      • Department of Forest Management and Products, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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