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Improving Resource Use Efficiencies of Sugarcane at Farmer Field under Arid Environment

Khan, Muhammad Nazer; Hussain, Mubshar; Abbas, Ghulam; Fatima, Zartash; Iqbal, Pakeeza; Khan, Amna; Zakir, Iqra; Ahmed, Mukhtar; Mateen, Ahmed; Khan, Muhammad Azam; Ahmad, Shakeel


Improving resource use efficiency of arable crops is necessary to meet increasing demands for food for burgeoning population. A two- years (2017 and 2018) field study was conducted under arid environment to explore the effect of diverse planting dates, irrigation regimes and nitrogen (N) levels on resource use efficiencies (radiation-use-efficiency, RUE; water-useefficiency, WUE; and nitrogen-use-efficiency, NUE) of ponda sugarcane. Ponda sugarcane was sown under six sowing dates from April 05 to May 25 with 10 days’ interval (experiment 1), six irrigation regimes i.e., 0, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 irrigations (experiment 2) and six N levels i.e., 0, 57, 114, 171, 228 and 285 kg N ha-1 (experiment 3). Maximum biomass, cane yield, RUETDM and RUECY were recorded for sugarcane planted on 25th May in both years. Likewise, maximum biomass, cane yield, RUETDM, RUECY, WUETDM and WUECY were observed with 16 irrigations significantly similar with 20 irrigations. Moreover, optimum rate of N application was 228 kg ha-1 to get higher biomass, cane yield, RUETDM, RUECY, NUETDM and NUECY and WUE in both years. Nonetheless, biomass and cane yield, RUETDM, RUECY, WUETDM, WUECY and NUETDM and NUECY were slightly higher during 1st year of study. In summary, ponda sugarcane planted on May 25 with optimal inputs may be a viable option to get higher resource use efficiencies and cane yield under irrigated arid environmental conditions. © 2020 Friends Science Publishers


Radiation-use-efficiency; Water-use-efficiency; Nitrogen-use-efficiency; Biomass; Cane yield; Leaf area index

Published in

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology
2020, Volume: 24, number: 5, pages: 1279-1285

      SLU Authors

    • Ahmed, Mukhtar

      • Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
      • Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University

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    SDG9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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    Agricultural Science
    Renewable Bioenergy Research

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