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Conference paper, 2006

Rappel au désordre: Performative Aesthetics and the Ethics of the Sublime

Hellström, Maria


Over the last decades, an increasingly competitive market economy has led to what is often referred to as a general aestheticization. The responses to this conditional change within the fields of architecture and urban planning have varied. On the one hand, it has been embraced as a final recognition of architecture's symbolic potentials. On the other hand it has caused strong contestation, articulated aither as a new urbanist return to a natural urban form or as claims for a "rappel a l'ordre", a return to a geuine tectonic order, thus revealing an unresolved tension between aesthetics and the spatial disciplines. This paper therefore tries to bring into attention the more complex and spatially critical aspects of aestheticization, proposing a reorientation of architectural aesthetics in the direction of the intermediary and performative


aestheticization; architecture; the sublime; performativity

Published in

Book title: Architects in the 21st Century: Agents of Change? papers/Nordic Association for Architectural Research Annual Symposium 2006
ISBN: 978-87-7830-144-4
Publisher: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture


Nordic Association of Architectural Research, Annual Symposium 2006