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D4.6: Policy brief with a critical analysis of how current policies constrain/enable resilient European agriculture and suggestions for improvements, including recommendations for the CAP post-2020 reform (final version)

Feindt, Peter H.; Termeer, Katrien; Candel, Jeroen; Buitenhuis, Yannick; Balmann, Alfons; Bardaji, Isabel; Léger, François; Lievens, Eewoud; Luca, Lucian; Manevska Tasevska, Gordana; Martikainen, Anna; Mathijs, Erik; Midmore, Peter; Peneva, Mariya; Severini, Simone; Soriano, Bárbara; Sorrentino, Alessandro; Voicilas, Dan-Marius; Zawalinska, Katarzyna


The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) of the European Union is essential to enhance the resilience of Europe’s farming systems along three capacities: robustness, adaptability and transformability. The SURE-Farm project conducted the first systematic assessment how the CAP performs in this regard. The findings show that hitherto the CAP has been overly focused on supporting the robustness of an increasingly fragile status quo, with uneven effects, while neglecting adaptability and even constraining transformability. The future CAP needs to allow for a better balance with policy mixes that are tailored to regional needs, based on a shared long-term vision. This impliesreplacing direct payments with measures that specifically address resilience needs, e.g. points-based eco-schemes, agro-environmental programs, coordinated adaptation to shifting markets, ample support for cross-sectoral cooperation, innovation and advice to integrate production and provision of public goods, and participatory and integrative foresight to develop transformation pathways.

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Publisher: SURE-Farm