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Research article2021Peer reviewed

Evaluating how Swedish hunters value content in hunter education classes

Peterson, M. Nils; Von Essen, Erica; Hansen, Hans Peter


Hunter education classes are a compulsory education tool for all hunters in North America, Europe and some other regions. However, little research focuses on hunter education. We surveyed Swedish hunters, examining how they valued key aspects of hunter education, and identifying socio-demographic predictors for those preferences. Learning about dog handling and making friends in the hunting community were the least important aspects of hunter education. Information about firearms was most important followed by information about hunting ethics, hunting laws, and wildlife ecology. Agerelated positively to valuing most aspects of hunter education. Duration huntingrelated negatively to valuing those aspects. Hunters motivated by social interactions valued hunting ethics content more, and hunters motivated by obtaining trophies valued hunting ethics less than their counterparts. Hunter education in Sweden would benefit from changes aimed at highlighting aspects of hunting that students' value most.


Education; ethics; evaluation; hunter education; Sweden; training

Published in

Human Dimensions of Wildlife
2021, Volume: 26, number: 5, pages: 492-500 Publisher: TAYLOR & FRANCIS LTD

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    Fish and Wildlife Management

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