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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2020

Barcelona's Tres Turons: three hills and three cruelties

Diedrich, Lisa Babette; Cervera, Marina


As uncertainty increasingly characterizes urbanization processes, critically addressing a design project as an isolated object after completion does not satisfy the need for criticism to reflect larger urban transformation projects during their unfolding. Using the example of the Tres Turons Park project in Barcelona, this critique attempts to stage criticism ‘in the meantime’, benefitting from a moment in which the project is on hold. The authors involved students of two consecutive master’s courses into the enquiry and the formulation of a grounded position. Proffered by methods extracted from literary theory and site thinking, the authors build an argument to challenge the boldness of the project’s ecological narrative, which they claim stands in the way of a more fruitful urban transformation. The acquired knowledge will be reintroduced into the ongoing process, to possibly allow for improvement of the project.


urban transformation; green infrastructure; heritage; site thinking; cruel optimism

Published in

Journal of Landscape Architecture
2020, Volume: 15, number: 2, pages: 56-73

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    SLU Urban Futures

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    Landscape Architecture

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