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Teleworking from a near-home shared office in Mexico City - a discrete choice experiment on office workers

Lara-Pulido, Jose Alberto; Martinez Cruz, Adan


Teleworking from home during the COVID-19 pandemic has faced challenges specific to cities of emerging economies —e.g. lack of access to internet. This paper points out that these challenges may be overcome if teleworking is performed from a shared office located within reasonable commuting time from a worker’s home. In November and December 2019, a sample of office workers in Mexico City was presented to a discrete choice experiment (DCE) describing alternatives under which they may choose teleworking two days a week from a shared office. Commuting time to shared offices is an attribute taking four values —within 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes walking distance from a worker’s home. Availability of spaces to park bikes is another attribute. The price attribute is described as the amount that would be cut from worker’s monthly paycheck. Based on random parameter logit specifications, willingness to pay (WTP) for teleworking from a shared office two days a week is estimated at (2019) MXP 1,460 (USD 76.68) on a monthly basis. Average value of one-hour of commuting time is estimated at MXP 73.75 (USD 3.87). Average WTP for bike parking is MXP 280 (USD 14.07) on a monthly basis.


Teleworking; near-home shared office; value of commuting time; bike parking; discrete choice experiment; Mexico City

Published in

CERE Working Paper
Publisher: Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics

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