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Research article2021Peer reviewed

Recycling of sugar crop disposal to boost the adaptation of canola (Brassica napus L.) to abiotic stress through different climate zones

Kheir, Ahmed M. S.; Ali, Esmat F.; He, Zhenli; Ali, Osama A. M.; Feike, Til; Kamara, Mohamed M.; Ahmed, Mukhtar; Eissa, Mamdouh A.; Fahmy, Ahmed E.; Ding, Zheli


We need to produce higher foods even under declining natural resources to feed the projected population of 9 billion by 2050 and to sustain food security and nutrition. Abiotic stress has adversely affected canola crop and oil quality especially in sandy soils. To combat this stress, adaptation at the farm level using new and cost-effective amendments are required. Field trials were conducted in two different climatic zones to determine the efficacy of cane molasses, bagasse ash, sugar beet factory lime, and their compost mixtures to improve soil quality and heat stress-adapting canola. The results showed a significant improvement in bulk density, hydraulic conductivity, organic matter content, and available macronutrients of sandy soil and subsequent canola growth, yield, quality and water productivity due to the application of the tested soil amendments, particularly those mixed with compost. Despite the estimated reduction of yield by 18.5% due to heat stress, application of sugar beet lime and compost mixture not only compensated for this reduction but also increased the seed yield by 27.0%. These findings highlight the value of recycling compost-based sugar crop disposal as a cost-effective technology to boost crop tolerance to abiotic stress, ensuring sustainable agriculture and food security in arid environments.


Ecological stresses; Canola yield; Sandy soil properties; Environmental management; Food security; Farm management

Published in

Journal of Environmental Management
2021, Volume: 281, article number: 111881Publisher: ACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD

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    • Ahmed, Mukhtar

      • Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
      • Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University

    Sustainable Development Goals

    SDG2 Zero hunger
    SDG12 Responsible consumption and production

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    Agricultural Science

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