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Research article2021Peer reviewedOpen access

Subcellular Localization of Acyl-CoA: Lysophosphatidylethanolamine Acyltransferases (LPEATs) and the Effects of Knocking-Out and Overexpression of Their Genes on Autophagy Markers Level and Life Span of A. thaliana

Jasieniecka-Gazarkiewicz, Katarzyna; Demski, Kamil; Gidda, Satinder K.; Klinska, Sylwia; Niedojadlo, Janusz; Lager, Ida; Carlsson, Anders S.; Minina, Elena A.; Mullen, Robert T.; Bozhkov, Peter V.; Stymne, Sten; Banas, Antoni


Arabidopsis thaliana possesses two acyl-CoA:lysophosphatidylethanolamine acyltransferases, LPEAT1 and LPEAT2, which are encoded by At1g80950 and At2g45670 genes, respectively. Both single lpeat2 mutant and double lpeat1 lpeat2 mutant plants exhibit a variety of conspicuous phenotypes, including dwarfed growth. Confocal microscopic analysis of tobacco suspension-cultured cells transiently transformed with green fluorescent protein-tagged versions of LPEAT1 or LPEAT2 revealed that LPEAT1 is localized to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), whereas LPEAT2 is localized to both Golgi and late endosomes. Considering that the primary product of the reaction catalyzed by LPEATs is phosphatidylethanolamine, which is known to be covalently conjugated with autophagy-related protein ATG8 during a key step of the formation of autophagosomes, we investigated the requirements for LPEATs to engage in autophagic activity in Arabidopsis. Knocking out of either or both LPEAT genes led to enhanced accumulation of the autophagic adaptor protein NBR1 and decreased levels of both ATG8a mRNA and total ATG8 protein. Moreover, we detected significantly fewer membrane objects in the vacuoles of lpeat1 lpeat2 double mutant mesophyll cells than in vacuoles of control plants. However, contrary to what has been reported on autophagy deficient plants, the lpeat mutants displayed a prolonged life span compared to wild type, including delayed senescence.


autophagy; NBR1; ATG8; acyl-CoA; lysophosphatidylethanolamine acyltransferases; Arabidopsis thaliana; senescence

Published in

International Journal of Molecular Sciences
2021, Volume: 22, number: 6, article number: 3006
Publisher: MDPI