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Conference paper2006

Gödslingsbevattning av poppel. In: Christersson, L. & Verwijst, T. Poppel. Sammanfattningar från ett seminarium vid Institutionen för Lövträdsodling, SLU, Uppsala, 15 mars, 2005

Johansson, Ulf


On a sandy soil in the south west of Sweden, plantations of different hybrid poplar clones were annually fertilised with 100-150 kg N/ha and daily irrigated during the growing season with 3 mm water, minus precipitation. The mean annual volume increment of the most fast-growing clones were 21-28 m3sk/ha,yr. The growth reached its maximum after 10 years

Published in

Report from the Department of Crop Production Ecology (VPE)
2006, pages: 28-29 ISBN: 91-576-7157-5
Publisher: SLU