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Land-use change affects size spectra, energy flux and ecosystem functions in litter and soil invertebrates

Ehnes, Roswitha B.


In Focus: Potapov, A. M., Klarner, B., Sandmann, D., Widyastuti, R. and Scheu, S. (2019). Linking size spectrum, energy flux and trophic multifunctionality in soil food webs of tropical land-use systems. Journal of Animal Ecology, 88, 1845-1859. et al. (2019) advance our understanding of the various levels of the consequences of human impact on ecosystems. They examine the communities of litter and soil invertebrates in four different forests (from rainforest to oil palm plantations). Data on abundance, body masses and trophic guild in litter and soil invertebrates are expanded to a study towards biodiversity, biomass, energy flux and ecosystem functions. Their results show that size spectra are affected differently for decomposers, herbivores, omnivores and predators. Most of these groups decrease in abundance with increasing land use, and only large decomposers increase strongly. Moreover, creating trophic-group food webs for litter and soil invertebrates of each forest demonstrates the changes in energy flux and ecosystem functions. With their study, Potapov et al. (2019) present new insights into ecosystem functions and the sensitivity of communities to changes in land use.


ecosystem function; ecosystem multifunctionality; energy flux; invertebrate; land-use change; rainforest-plantation; size spectrum; trophic guild

Published in

Journal of Animal Ecology
2019, Volume: 88, number: 12, pages: 1828-1831 Publisher: WILEY

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