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Bringing the Consumer Back in-The Motives, Perceptions, and Values behind Consumers and Rural Tourists' Decision to Buy Local and Localized Artisan Food-A Swedish Example

Rytkonen, Paulina; Bonow, Madeleine; Girard, Chloe; Tunon, Hakan


This article highlights the motivational factors behind consumers' and tourists' decisions to buy local artisan cheese in Jamtland (Sweden). Empirically, the case itself diverts from the typical Franco-Mediterranean case in which both the actions of producers and consumers are embedded in historical, long-term culinary traditions and territorial features, nor is it the typical farmers' market or another market-driven direct produce system. The main purpose is to shed light on the motivational factors behind the purchasing decision of consumers and tourists by studying the attributes that consumers embody in the products. The article is based on two consumer surveys/short interviews, the first conducted in June 2012 and the second in February 2017. The results were tested against/related to the wider local food discussion conceptualized through four types of attributes. Namely, intrinsic and extrinsic attributes; post-modernity and environmental attributes; geographical and territorial attributes; and local and rural development attributes. The results in this article clearly show that consumers value a combination of different attributes from both market-driven direct produce systems and close typicity systems. Therefore, the construction of proximity from the point of view of the consumer can be derived from a complex set of attributes and motivational factors not normally highlighted in the localized food discussion.


proximity; consumers' motivational factors; local food systems; localized food systems; typicity; food attributes; close typicity food system

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2018, Volume: 8, number: 4, article number: 58
Publisher: MDPI

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