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Review article2021Peer reviewedOpen access

A review on wood powders in 3D printing: processes, properties and potential applications

Das, Atanu Kumar; Agar, David; Rudolfsson, Magnus; Larsson, Sylvia


Three-dimensional (3D) printing is a technology that, for a multitude of raw materials, can be used in the production of complex structures. Many of the materials that currently dominate 3D printing (e.g. titanium, steel, plastics, and concrete) have issues with high costs and environmental sustainability. Wood powder is a widely available and renewable lignocellulosic material that, when used as a fibre component, can reduce the cost of 3D printed products. Wood powder in combination with synthetic or natural binders has potential for producing a wide variety of products and for prototyping. The use of natural binders along with wood powder can then enable more sustainable 3D printed products. However, 3D printing is an emerging technology in many applications and more research is needed. This review aims to provide insight into wood powder as a component in 3D printing, properties of resulting products, and the potential for future applications.


Additive manufacturing; Formative methods; Wood powders; Filament; 3D object properties

Published in

Journal of Materials Research and Technology
2021, Volume: 15, pages: 241-255