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Review article - Peer-reviewed, 2021

Beyond the Usual Suspects: Physiological Roles of the Arabidopsis Amidase Signature (AS) Superfamily Members in Plant Growth Processes and Stress Responses

Moya-Cuevas, Jose; Perez-Alonso, Marta-Marina; Ortiz-Garcia, Paloma; Pollmann, Stephan


The diversification of land plants largely relies on their ability to cope with constant environmental fluctuations, which negatively impact their reproductive fitness and trigger adaptive responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. In this limiting landscape, cumulative research attention has centred on deepening the roles of major phytohormones, mostly auxins, together with brassinosteroids, jasmonates, and abscisic acid, despite the signaling networks orchestrating the crosstalk among them are so far only poorly understood. Accordingly, this review focuses on the Arabidopsis Amidase Signature (AS) superfamily members, with the aim of highlighting the hitherto relatively underappreciated functions of AMIDASE1 (AMI1) and FATTY ACID AMIDE HYDROLASE (FAAH), as comparable coordinators of the growth-defense trade-off, by balancing auxin and ABA homeostasis through the conversion of their likely bioactive substrates, indole-3-acetamide and N-acylethanolamine.


arabidopsis; amidase signature superfamily; growth; stress; auxin; abscisic acid; amidase; indole-3-acetamide; indole-3-acetic acid; fatty acid amide hydrolase

Published in

2021, volume: 11, number: 8, article number: 1207
Publisher: MDPI

Authors' information

Moya-Cuevas, Jose
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Pérez Alonso, Marta
Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
Pérez Alonso, Marta
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology
Ortiz-Garcia, Paloma
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Pollmann, Stephan
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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