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Review article2021Peer reviewed

Fe acquisition at the crossroad of calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling

Gratz, Regina; von der Mark, Claudia; Ivanov, Rumen; Brumbarova, Tzvetina


Due to its redox properties, iron is both essential and toxic. Therefore, soil iron availability variations pose a significant problem for plants. Recent evidence suggests that calcium and reactive oxygen species coordinate signaling events related to soil iron acquisition. Calcium was found to affect directly IRT1-mediated iron import through the lipid-binding protein EHB1 and to trigger a CBL-CIPK-mediated signaling influencing the activity of the key iron-acquisition transcription factor FIT. In parallel, under prolonged iron deficiency, reactive oxygen species both inhibit FIT function and depend on FIT through the function of the catalase CAT2. We discuss the role of calcium and reactive oxygen species signaling in iron acquisition, with post-translational mechanisms influencing the localization and activity of iron-acquisition regulators and effectors.


Fe deficiency; Ca signatures; ROS signaling; FIT; IRT1; CAT2

Published in

Current Opinion in Plant Biology
2021, Volume: 63, article number: 102048

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