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One cow per poor family: effects on the growth of consumption and crop production

Nilsson, Pia; Backman, Mikaela; Bjerke, Lina; Maniriho, Aristide


This study estimates the effects of the one cow policy on per capita consumption and the value of per hectare crop production in Rwanda using a random sample of households observed twice (2010 and 2014). A model that accounts for heterogeneity across households and the selection bias and placement effect associated with the policy is estimated. Findings show that receiving a cow has a positive effect on crop production indicating that the cattle has enabled households to become more productive on the farm. Results point to the importance of household's knowledge and experience of rearing livestock for the outcome of receiving a cow. (C) 2018 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


Girinka; Consumption; Crop production; CEM; Rwanda

Published in

World Development
2019, Volume: 114, pages: 1-12

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