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Research article2021Peer reviewed

The Global Soil Mycobiome consortium dataset for boosting fungal diversity research

Tedersoo, Leho; Mikryukov, Vladimir; Anslan, Sten; Bahram, Mohammad; Khalid, Abdul Nasir; Corrales, Adriana; Agan, Ahto; Vasco-Palacios, Aida-M; Saitta, Alessandro; Antonelli, Alexandre; Rinaldi, Andrea C.; Verbeken, Annemieke; Sulistyo, Bobby P.; Tamgnoue, Boris; Furneaux, Brendan; Ritter, Camila Duarte; Nyamukondiwa, Casper; Sharp, Cathy; Marin, Cesar; Dai, D. Q.;
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Fungi are highly important biotic components of terrestrial ecosystems, but we still have a very limited understanding about their diversity and distribution. This data article releases a global soil fungal dataset of the Global Soil Mycobiome consortium (GSMc) to boost further research in fungal diversity, biogeography and macroecology. The dataset comprises 722,682 fungal operational taxonomic units (OTUs) derived from PacBio sequencing of full-length ITS and 18S-V9 variable regions from 3200 plots in 108 countries on all continents. The plots are supplied with geographical and edaphic metadata. The OTUs are taxonomically and functionally assigned to guilds and other functional groups. The entire dataset has been corrected by excluding chimeras, index-switch artefacts and potential contamination. The dataset is more inclusive in terms of geographical breadth and phylogenetic diversity of fungi than previously published data. The GSMc dataset is available over the PlutoF repository.


Soil fungi; Global dataset; PacBio sequencing; Fungal richness

Published in

Fungal Diversity
2021, Volume: 111, number: 1, pages: 573-588
Publisher: SPRINGER