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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2021

Soybean yield in integrated crop-livestock system in comparison to soybean-maize succession system

Muniz, Mariane Porto; de Pinho Costa, Katia Aparecida; Severiano, Eduardo da Costa; Bilego, Ubirajara Oliveira; Almeida, Dieimisson Paulo; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Vilela, Lourival; Lana, Marcos Alberto; Leandro, Wilson Mozena; de Castro Dias, Mariana Borges


Among integrated crop-livestock systems, forage succession is an advantageous strategy for the use of pasture to feed cattle in periods of low rainfall, as well as for the generation of biomass for the no-till system for the next crop. Different species have different abilities to accumulate nutrients in their biomass, which are then released into the soil through the decomposition of crop residues. This study aimed to evaluate soybean yield in an integrated crop-livestock system in comparison to soybean-maize succession system through the production, decomposition and nutrient accumulation in the biomass. The experiment had a randomized block design with four replicates. The treatments were three cropping systems: integrated crop-livestock with Paiaguas palisadegrass (Brachiaria brizantha cv. BRS Paiaguas), integrated crop-livestock with Tamani guinea grass (Panicum maximum cv. BRS Tamani) and maize grown in succession to soybean. The results showed that the use of the integrated crop-livestock system in the form of forage succession provided greater soil cover and nutrient cycling as a result of the better utilization of the animal's excreta, than the cropping of maize in succession and resulted in higher soybean productivity, thus contributing to agricultural sustainability. Paiaguas palisadegrass and Tamani guinea grass showed a C:N ratio greater than 30:1, indicating slow decomposition of plant residues. The forages accumulated amounts of nutrients in their biomass that met the soybean demand, resulting in higher grain yield.


Nutrient cycling; Paiaguas palisadegrass; Sustainability; Tamani guinea grass

Published in

Journal of Agricultural Science
2021, Volume: 159, number: 3-4, article number: PII S0021859621000393

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    Agricultural Science

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