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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2017

Evaluation of geotechnical properties of overburden dump for better reclamation success in mining areas

Karan, Shivesh Kishore; Kumar, Adarsh; Samadder, Sukha Ranjan


Coal-mining activities are precursors to land degradation, a part of which is directly related to the generation of huge quantity of overburden (OB) material. The problem of managing OB is mitigated through reclamation, which is directly associated with the geotechnical properties of these dumps. The main objective of this study was to assess the potential of an alternative management plan of OB by analyzing physical properties of these dumps. This alternative management plan of OB could enhance reclamation success by fostering conditions conducive for vegetation growth. This is especially required in old mining areas, where salvaging of topsoil was not done, and as a result, reclamation was affected. For the present study, 12 representative OB samples were collected from two open-cast coal mines (OCP-A and OCP-B) of Bastacolla area in Jharia Coalfield, Dhanbad, India. The samples were analyzed for different geotechnical properties. The results revealed that optimization of these parameters could help in enhancing the reclamation success of the area. From land-use classification, it was observed that about 242 ha of the study area was OB dump; if these areas are reclaimed successfully, then they can act as a potential source of carbon sequestration, and furthermore, they will improve the esthetics and the overall environmental quality at these degraded areas.


Coal mining; Ecological restoration; Geotechnical properties; Land use; Overburden dump; Reclamation success

Published in

Environmental Earth Sciences
2017, Volume: 76, number: 22, article number: 770
Publisher: Springer Nature

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    Environmental Sciences
    Geosciences, Multidisciplinary

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