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Magazine article, 2021

Några för Sverige nya pyrenomyceter

Andersson, Roger


Additions to the most recently published checklist of non-lichenized ascomycetes in Sweden (Eriksson 2014) are made and commented. Findings of the following species of ‘pyrenomycetes’ in the Ascomycota classes Sordariomycetes and Dothideomycetes are reported: Anthostomella phaeosticta, Barrmaelia moravica, Fracchinea broomeana, Helminthosporium oligosporum, Helminthosporium tiliae, Jattaea ceanothina, Leptomassaria simplex, Lopadostoma dryophilum, Lophiostoma fusisporum, Massaria platanoidea, Massaria vomitoria, Plagiostoma aesculi, Stylonectria wegeliniana, and Vialaea insculpta.

Published in

Svensk mykologisk tidskrift
2021, Volume: 42, number: 3, pages: 2-10