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Ascomycetes new to Norway found at workshop in Hordaland

Nordén, Björn; Andersson, Roger; Andreasen, Mathias; Aptroot, Andre; Chomnunti, Putarak; Friebes, Gernot; Jaklitsch, Walter; Johannesen, Edvin; Jordal, John Bjarne; Voglmayr, Hermann


During a workshop in Hordaland with invited international experts, we found 13 ascomycete species new to Norway. These are presented with photos and notes on their micromorphology, ecology and occurrence in Skandinavia.
In addition, the rarely collected species Mela-spileella proximella and “Dothiorina tulasnei” (the asexual morph of Chlorociboria aeru-ginascens) are reported.

Published in

2020, Volume: 39, pages: 53-59