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A common Nordic‐Baltic costing framework for road, rail and sea transport of roundwood

Fjeld, Dag; Väätäinen, Kari; von Hofsten, Henrik; Noreland, Daniel; Callesen, Ingeborg; Lazdins, Andis


Transport cost calculations are fundamental for most types of transport research. Applications can range from estimating the cost benefits of developing transport technologies (e.g. increased truck GVWs) to comparing profitability between alternative infrastructure investments (e.g. rail or sea terminals). Most stakeholders rely on a favourite spreadsheet, however these vary considerably with respect to functionality, resolution and transparency. During 2019 and 2020 the NB Nord Road and Transport group has worked towards a common Nordic-Baltic costing framework for road, rail and sea transport. The goal has been to propose a general model per transport method which is user-friendly, while retaining the necessary resolution and functionality to model actual costs for specific transport orders or contracts. The handbook provides: a) complete explanation of its formulas, b) calculation examples and c) a corresponding Excel spreadsheet. The models were validated through national comparisons of market prices and calculated costs for a selection of transport orders. Sensitivity analysis is supported by the accompanying spreadsheets. The truck costing model accepts up to three transport environments with specified driving speeds and diesel consumptions. It also includes a function for estimating profitability levels where transport tariffs and driving distance distributions are available. The rail model is created for systems with up to three terminals with specified cycle element times. It includes links to national network statements for rail hire and traction current costs. The shipping model is relatively simple given the use of time-charter (TC) day rates for varying vessel capacities. It includes links to international sources for bunker costs.

Published in

NIBIO Rapport
2021, number: 7:8
ISBN: 978-82-17-02740-9
Publisher: NIBIO