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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

CASP microdomain formation requires cross cell wall stabilization of domains and non-cell autonomous action of LOTR1

Kolbeck, Andreas; Marhavy, Peter; De Bellis, Damien; Li, Baohai; Kamiya, Takehiro; Fujiwara, Toru; Kalmbach, Lothar; Geldner, Niko


Efficient uptake of nutrients in both animal and plant cells requires tissue-spanning diffusion barriers separating inner tissues from the outer lumen/soil. However, we poorly understand how such contiguous three-dimensional superstructures are formed in plants. Here, we show that correct establishment of the plant Casparian Strip (CS) network relies on local neighbor communication. We show that positioning of Casparian Strip membrane domains (CSDs) is tightly coordinated between neighbors in wild-type and that restriction of domain formation involves the putative extracellular protease LOTR1. Impaired domain restriction in lotr1 leads to fully functional CSDs at ectopic positions, forming 'half strips'. LOTR1 action in the endodermis requires its expression in the stele. LOTR1 endodermal expression cannot complement, while cortex expression causes a dominant-negative phenotype. Our findings establish LOTR1 as a crucial player in CSD positioning acting in a directional, non-cell-autonomous manner to restrict and coordinate CS positioning.


arabidopsis; endodermis; casparian strip; microdomains; network; neprosin; A; thaliana

Published in

2022, volume: 11, article number: e69602

Authors' information

Kolbeck, Andreas
University of Lausanne
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology
University of Lausanne
De Bellis, Damien
University of Lausanne
Li, Baohai
University of Tokyo
Kamiya, Takehiro
University of Tokyo
Fujiwara, Toru
University of Tokyo
Kalmbach, Lothar
University of Cambridge
Kalmbach, Lothar
University of Lausanne
Geldner, Niko
University of Lausanne

UKÄ Subject classification

Cell Biology

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