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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

Worldwide diversity of endophytic fungi and insects associated with dormant tree twigs

Franic, Iva; Prospero, Simone; Adamson, Kalev; Allan, Eric; Attorre, Fabio; Auger-Rozenberg, Marie Anne; Augustin, Sylvie; Avtzis, Dimitrios; Baert, Wim; Barta, Marek; Bauters, Kenneth; Bellahirech, Amani; Boron, Piotr; Braganca, Helena; Brestovanska, Tereza; Brurberg, May Bente; Burgess, Treena; Burokiene, Daiva; Cleary, Michelle; Corley, Juan;
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International trade in plants and climate change are two of the main factors causing damaging tree pests (i.e. fungi and insects) to spread into new areas. To mitigate these risks, a large-scale assessment of tree-associated fungi and insects is needed. We present records of endophytic fungi and insects in twigs of 17 angiosperm and gymnosperm genera, from 51 locations in 32 countries worldwide. Endophytic fungi were characterized by high-throughput sequencing of 352 samples from 145 tree species in 28 countries. Insects were reared from 227 samples of 109 tree species in 18 countries and sorted into taxonomic orders and feeding guilds. Herbivorous insects were grouped into morphospecies and were identified using molecular and morphological approaches. This dataset reveals the diversity of tree-associated taxa, as it contains 12,721 fungal Amplicon Sequence Variants and 208 herbivorous insect morphospecies, sampled across broad geographic and climatic gradients and for many tree species. This dataset will facilitate applied and fundamental studies on the distribution of fungal endophytes and insects in trees.

Published in

Scientific Data
2022, volume: 9, number: 1, article number: 62

Authors' information

Zlatkovic, Milica
University of Novi Sad
Wang, Yongjun
Zhejiang AandF University
Sivickis, Karolis
Nature Research Center - Lithuania
Vettraino, Anna Maria
Tuscia University
Uimari, Anne
Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)
Franic, Iva
University of Bern
Witzell, Johanna
Linnaeus University
Talgo, Venche
Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research
Villari, Caterina
University System of Georgia
Ruffner, Beat
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Franic, Iva
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Tomoshevich, Maria
Central Siberian Botanical Garden
Ulyshen, Michael
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Prospero, Simone
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
Adamson, Kalev
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Allan, Eric
University of Bern
Attorre, Fabio
Sapienza University Rome
Baert, Wim
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Barta, Marek
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Boron, Piotr
Agricultural University Krakow
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Forest Science

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