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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Accelerated Wound Healing in Minipigs by On-Site Production and Delivery of CXCL12 by Transformed Lactic Acid Bacteria

Ohnstedt, Emelie; Lofton Tomenius, Hava; Frank, Peter; Roos, Stefan; Vagesjo, Evelina; Phillipson, Mia


Non-healing wounds are a growing medical problem and result in considerable suffering. The lack of pharmaceutical treatment options reflects the multistep wound healing process, and the complexity of both translation and assessment of treatment efficacy. We previously demonstrated accelerated healing of full-thickness wounds in mice following topical application of the probiotic bacteria Limosilactobacillus reuteri R2LC transformed to express CXCL12. In this study, safety and biological effects of a freeze-dried formulation of CXCL12-producing L. reuteri (ILP100) were investigated in induced full-thickness wounds in minipigs, and different wound healing evaluation methods (macroscopic, planimetry, 2D-photographs, 3D-scanning, ultrasound) were compared. We found that treatment with ILP100 was safe and accelerated healing, as granulation tissue filled wound cavities 1 day faster in treated compared to untreated/placebo-treated wounds. Furthermore, evaluation using planimetry resulted in 1.5 days faster healing than using 2D photographs of the same wounds, whereas the areas measured using 2D photographs were smaller compared to those obtained from 3D scans accounting for surface curvatures, whereas ultrasound imaging enabled detailed detection of thin epithelial layers. In conclusion, topical administration of the drug candidate ILP100 warrants further clinical development as it was proven to be safe and to accelerate healing using different evaluation methods in minipigs.


topical; Limosilactobacillus reuteri; wound measurement; active wound care; chemokines; three-dimensional imaging

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2022, Volume: 14, number: 2, article number: 229
Publisher: MDPI

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    Clinical Science

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