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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Detection of frequent neutrophil misclassification by the ProCyte Dx in sick dogs and how to avoid it

Bergstrand, E.; Tvedten, H. W.; Lilliehook, I


Objectives A common and severe error in identifying neutrophils in feline blood samples by the IDEXX ProCyte Dx haematology analyser (ProCyte) has been reported. The hypothesis was that the same or similar error would be identified during analysis of canine blood samples and that white blood cell dot plot evaluation would be critical to detect and avoid erroneous results. Materials and Methods Eighty-six canine blood samples collected for clinical diagnosis of hospital patients were evaluated. Differential leukocyte counts were determined by the ProCyte Dx, ADVIA 2120 and manual methods. ProCyte neutrophil percentage results were considered unacceptable if the result was 15% different than percentage results from both ADVIA 2120 and manual counts. ProCyte WBC dot plots and instrument flags were evaluated for correctness. Results The ProCyte neutrophil counts were unacceptably lower than the ADVIA 2120 and manual neutrophil counts in 13 samples (15% of 86 samples). Neutrophils misclassified by the instrument were erroneously classified as monocytes and/or lymphocytes. All these samples were from patients with systemic inflammation. The error could be eliminated by rejecting results from samples with incorrect separation of cell clusters in the ProCyte WBC dot plots. Clinical Significance The ProCyte neutrophil count error with canine blood samples is common, severe and might affect clinical decisions. Operators of the instrument must evaluate white blood cell dot plots for correctness to avoid the error.

Published in

Journal of Small Animal Practice
2022, Volume: 63, number: 8, pages: 603-608
Publisher: WILEY